Hey friends! I'm Cara. You'll usually find me at my home with my sweet kids,  sipping iced coffee while cleaning up toys or doing piles of laundry. My hubby and I met in college in a fitness class. Long story short, We fell in love quickly after becoming friends and the rest is history! He proposed in downtown Chicago near Buckingham Fountain. We were married June 14, 2014! Shortly after, we got pregnant with our first baby girl, Emma! We have two girls and a little boy and they are just the sweetest little things! Becoming a mom has taught me about priorities in life and how important being with the ones we love is! I love seeing my kids' personalities and how they grow and change each day! Raising kids alongside my husband is one the most wonderful things! 

 Here are some random things about me. Let's see if we have anything in common?  I am a hopeless romantic! And by that I mean I love binge watching chick flicks or sappy shows. I cry at the drop of a hat. No matter what it is, a movie, a wedding, a book, a random instagram post...I can't help but get emotional! My favorite chick flicks are The Wedding Planner, Pride and Prejudice, The Notebook, and My Best Friend's Wedding. There are way too many more I could add to this list!   I could possibly eat pizza for every meal. And Andy's is my guilty pleasure.  I have a love for good food and hospitality! I love making our home feel cozy and peaceful. I have a true obsession with throw pillows and cozy blankets. I hope my love for Jesus always shines through in all that I do!   I am beach girl and truly wish I could live near the ocean someday but I also love all of the seasons. We also love visiting Disney! One of my favorite things is seeing all of the things through my kids' eyes. I love fresh flowers. Especially peonies, roses, and zinnias. I started growing a little flower garden this year and it's been so fun. I love music! 90's pop, country, oldies, jazz... (Thanks, Dad!) 

I'm a hopeless romantic AND COFFEE-A-HOLIC!

hi! I'm cara.

photos give us the chance to revisit our most beloved memories over and over again. 

Photography has become such a huge part of my life. It all started when my husband bought me a beginner level camera for Christmas one year. I had taken photography classes in college and I minored in art, but I never thought I would actually do anything with those things.  It sparked a new passion in me. I love to have my camera out all of the time to capture everyday moments and fun photos of my kids.   I love serving others and getting to take photos that they will cherish forever. I am a very sentimental person and memories mean so much to me.  I love that photos give us the chance to revisit our most beloved moments over and over again. 

Why choose me? 

Why choose me??

As a hopeless romantic I think that photos are so much more than a click of a shutter or a pose in front of the lens. Photos give us the chance revisit out most beloved memories over and over again. When I am your photographer, you are getting someone who is invested in YOU, not just pretty photos. Whether it is your wedding day, your newborn baby, or your sweet family, I want you to always remember how you felt during this season of life. I don't just like to capture perfectly posed photos. I love the in-between moments. I love the laughs and the tickle fights. The tender kisses and the sweet baby snuggles. I ensure that my clients have the best experience. Why should photos be stressful??
From the start of our time together until the end, I am there for you. I want to help you pick outfits, pick the best time of day for beautiful lighting, and make you feel comfortable and relaxed. 
I hope you will choose me to capture your story!
xoxo, Cara