April 3, 2018

A Little Spring Photoshoot

My little girl LOVES stuffed animals. Like, she could have a million of them and would play with each one. She lines them up, rocks them to sleep, plays house with them, puts them in time out, you name it.  It is the cutest thing! It’s not so great for keeping a clutter-free toy area, but it makes for great photoshoot opportunities! 
Our bedroom is bright and airy, so I love to take photos in there as often as possible! It makes for a pretty background as well as soft, pretty images! 
I had so much fun taking these candid photos of my daughter because she has so much joy and loves to be silly! But getting a two year old to sit still and pose for a nice portrait is a whole other story though… as you all know if you have had a toddler. We did manage to get a few darling shots of her smiling for the camera! And as a mama photographer, that is the best gift you could ever give me! 
Enjoy! And if you want photos of your kiddos just like these, give me a shout! 
Contact me and we will get it on the calendar! 
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