December 28, 2018

The Culpeppers || Family Session

Meet the Culpeppers. Some of the most lovely people I know.  I can’t believe it took me this long to make a blog post about this session….but that’s my life right now. I had a 3 month old when we took these photos and life has been a wonderful whirlwind since then! 
This evening was chilly and misty. But we got the most dreamy photos! 
I love Chad and Emma. I met them when I was still in college. Chad was friends with my hubby in college. I actually met Chad before I met my husband Seth. Its a funny story. 
I was super irresponsible (and broke $$$) my freshman year of college. I never had enough gas in my car. One night my car died out in the middle of a busy intersection. A super nice guy (Chad) stopped to help me out. I was completely embarrassed,  but thankfully he helped push my car to the side of the road and brought me to a gas station. He was a true Good Samaritan. The funny part is that I never saw him again after that until I met my husband. We eventually put two and two together and found out that his friend Chad was the Good Samaritan of my story. We all had a good laugh about it. 
Fast forward a couple of years later and he was in our wedding. 🙂 
When Chad and Emma were pregnant with their first little girl, we also got pregnant with our first baby. We saw their sweet newborn Eleanor a few months before our baby was born and they gave us pointers and advice for being new parents. 
You really won’t find a family sweeter than The Culpeppers. Chad is a principal of a school. And Emma was a teacher and now stays home with her littles. 
I loved taking these photos of them and capturing their personalities. My favorite thing to witness was their natural interactions once they got comfortable with me clicking my camera at them. That is my goal always. To get out the real emotion!
If you love dreamy, romantic, candid photos….I promise that’s what you will get if you choose me to be your photographer! 

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