May 1, 2024

Summer Dresses for Photos or Any Occasion

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As a photographer living in Springfield, Missouri area, I am always on the hunt for cute dresses for either myself or my clients! It gets pretty hot here in the summer, so dresses are always a staple in my summer wardrobe! I love flowy and light colored dresses for the hot humid summer days! And these dresses are absolutely stunning and would make perfect addition to your family photos, engagement photos or whatever occasion you have this spring or summer in The Ozarks. Whether you have photos planned or a beach trip, weddings, date night, whatever, I love all of the options they have. And they have even more pretty dresses on their website and are constantly dropping new items!!! I love Morning Lavender and you can use my discount code (Bailey10) to save some money! I have been a customer for years and I have always loved each piece so much!

xoxo, Cara

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